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[yuu watase chit chat]

[crimson legend]

.Yuu watase it. [Fan Community]
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Watase is shoujo Love

fresh n' new to the world is this watase community, to inform other fans of the her works and babble about how much we love them.

- I don't want to hear about your new shoes, in less your cosplayin' aya or something on the lines off that. Get it? we all just wanna hear about the wonders of Yuu. so lets not get too off the subject.

- If anyone is interested in show off a image [not of you about, drawn by yuu] feel free. And no,i don't think nude pictures of ceres are porno.

- post links. as long as they're related to yuu.

- i don't want a cat fight, maybe a debate.

-join n' lettsa get down to the chit chat!